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Media-X Prototype Fund Announces Inaugural Winners for 2019

Media-X Prototype Fund Announces Inaugural Winners for 2019

The two awardees are “Sustainable Asia”, a podcasting team sharing sustainability research from Asia to global audiences and “More than Success” a team working on audio programming featuring comparative educational approaches from around the world.

Prototype Grants

Media-X exists to support media entrepreneurs, inventors and technologists from East and Southeast Asia to take their ideas to prototype creation.

Media-X operates as an incubator, allowing media entrepreneurs to refine ideas, build out business plans, work on product-market fit, network in the startup ecosystem, and implement a prototype.

Two annual grants will be awarded to businesses/entrepreneurs to support their continued growth.


Media-X provides a unique opportunity for inspired media entrepreneurs to find their product-market fit through a process of trial and error.

Media-X supports entrepreneurs in their ideation and implementation through mentorship, giving access to global industry experts, business development professionals, and leading academics.

We encourage all interested entrepreneurs to take an audience-centered design thinking approach to create solutions to media challenges and problems.

Advisory Board

Ruby Yang

Ruby Yang  is a noted Chinese-American filmmaker whose work in documentary and dramatic film has earned her an Academy Award, two further Academy nominations, Emmy nominations, and numerous other international awards. She now heads the Hong Kong Documentary Initiative at the University of Hong Kong, which aims to nurture the next generation of documentary filmmakers in the region. Ruby is a professor at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre.

Eric Xu Yong

Eric Xu Yong is an entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist, best known as a co-founder of Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine. He is the founder and chairman of YIFANG Group Holdings Limited, an investment holding company engaged in venture capital investments and asset management activities. Eric obtained a Ph.D. degree in Biology from Texas A&M University. Xu was also a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of California, Berkeley from 1994 to 1996.

Ross Settles

Ross Settles is a professor of digital media entrepreneurship at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at The University of Hong Kong, and also consults to and invests in new media outlets. He began his career in the early days of the internet as a consultant advising media companies on new business models and organization. Ross has worked with newsrooms and revenue and product development teams to create the best mix of content and revenue to create sustainable media operations.

About Us

Hong Kong, 11 January 2019 – The Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) at The University of Hong Kong today announced the creation of Media-X, a prototype fund to promote media innovation and the development of new media and social enterprises.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, media’s impact on society is greater and more important than ever. As new challenges and new audiences emerge with unique and unmet needs, Media-X will explore solutions to the problems experienced in the current media landscape and cultivate the region’s next generation of media innovators and entrepreneurs.

About JMSC

The Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC) of The University of Hong Kong has, since 1999, offered world-class professional journalism education at Asia’s premier university. Our experienced, highly skilled instructors and support staff enhance professional standards and bolster journalistic integrity through its teaching programmes, research, professional services and partnerships with media major outlets. The JMSC curriculum is designed to produce graduates for all types of local, regional and international media organisations. Our location in Hong Kong has us ideally positioned to train the next generation of journalists who will be telling China’s—and Asia’s—story to the world.

About Xu Family Charitable Foundation

Xu Family Charitable Foundation, founded in July 2012, is a non-public grant-making foundation registered in Hong Kong, China, with initial funding of HK$22 million. The Foundation subsidizes public welfare programmes and non-governmental public welfare organizations which are in line with social welfare or conducive to social development. Dr. Eric Xu Yong founded the Foundation on the basis of practicing corporate social responsibility. He is dedicated to promoting development of social welfare charity in a professional and in-depth manner, supporting public philanthropy, and promoting the development of positive and sustainable welfare organizations as well as projects.

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